I don't know about you but I have already seen the Christmas lights up on various houses around my neighborhood. I am not even close to even thinking about putting my tree up! If you are like me though, you also start to feel a little tinge of guilt every time you see someone else has gotten their decorations up first.

Sean McMaster
Sean McMaster

Keep in mind , I'm not talking about the tree  or any inside decorations, I'm talking about the house and the yard.

It's like, "Am I lazy?" , "Do they have more Christmas spirit than I do?", or "Do I just not know that it is way past time to get these things up?". If it's one of the first two, well I'm just not sure that will help me feel less guilty about getting out the ladder and stringing up the lights, but if it's the last one maybe I should know when this is usually done.

So I am asking you to help me out and tell me when you usually get the house decorated if at all. So if you would please take a second to answer this poll question and we can all feel better or worse about when we actually get around to the "Christmas Spirit".


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