I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of a weekend long seminar entitled, "Country Cares" for St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

It was an amazing experience all together getting to learn about the hospital, what they do, how they make such a scary situation much less scary situation for the kids and their families.

Throughout the weekend there were tours, guest speakers, learning experiences, among other opportunities. On our final night, there was the Songwriters Dinner in which we had no idea who would be a part of. Randy Owen, John Oats, Charles Kelley and Darius Rucker all took the stage, Darius receiving an award for all of his work with St. Jude.

As they went one by one singing and joking and story telling, it rotated around to Darius once again, who all night was being called "Hootie" by Charles Kelley who Darius playfully responded saying he was going to "throat punch" him each time. They joked a lot - turns out they are really good friends and have been for a very long time.

Then it happened..."Hootie" did "Hootie!" I love Darius Rucker and everything he's done on the country side of his career, but to get to hear one of his big classics from the 90s was truly an amazing experience that I just have to share with you! That voice! Those words! That talent! He's just so good...


BONUS: Charles Kelley performing "The Only One Who Gets Me"

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