Earlier this year it was announced we would be getting a new area code to join the 518. Now we know what it is and when it goes into use.

And now we know that thew new area code will go into use September 19, according to WBNG. What is the code joining 518? It's 838.

So how will this affect you? Well, the good news is you won't have to change your number. You will however have to start dialing the area code when making a local call. WBNG says this will be mandatory starting August 19, but you can start doing it March 18. The Public Service Commission is going to give you a little time to get sued to dialing the full 10 digit number!

I guess march would also be a good time to start getting used to saying 'from the 838.' Hey, if you end up getting a new phone number at some point, you'll be moving without moving as go from the 518 to the 838!

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