Though the press and the public's outlooks on overly skinny bodies has gotten better, the perception thinness is more beautiful is still the mentality of many people.  I think women struggle more with the idea of a perfect body because there are so many images on the covers of magazines and on television, women still have at least one insecurity about the way they look.  Interestingly enough, a survey was done in which women were asked what they would trade for a perfect body.

The survey was done amongst women averaging the age of 25.  The biggest percentage (16%) said they would trade a year off their life for perfection.  Another 10% would trade between two and five years and 2% said 10!  That's getting a little extreme, if you ask me.  Why would you want a better or more perfect physique if you can't enjoy 10 of those years struttin' your stuff?

Working Out


I'm not afraid to say women are crazy when it comes down to looking good.  No one likes going to the gym unless it's one of those days you don't have eight million things to do or, you're just in the mood to kill someone and working off some steam seems like a much better option. 

The survey also revealed that 13% of the women surveyed  would give up $8,000 for a perfect body; 8% would give up a promotion; 6% would give up their degree; and 7% would spend less time with family.  Well I hate to say it, but by the time you tally up the money invested in low-fat foods, gym memberships and/or personal trainers, it probably would equate to $8,000 or less.  So either way you're losing $8,000.  If you aren't seeing results, then I guess the eight-grand would be better spent on the trade.  However, while giving up time with family is priceless, you are already missing out on time with them by working out all the time.  So either way, again, you wouldn't be losing anything because the trade would elminate gym time from your schedule.

Victoria's Secret Models

As for giving up the promotion, I'm sure having a perfect body (with certain endowments included of course) would grant you an opportunity down the road for another one.  Just saying, guys -- can we say "predictable!"  But as for the degree.  Unless you can use that perfect body to earn a living, how is not having a degree feasible?  That just seems absurd to me.  Of course, there is the argument that you could use the perfect body in the entertainment business to bring in a few bucks. 

So the question is, what would you do for a perfect body?  Don't say you haven't thought about it.  The survey also found only 7% surveyed didn't have any negative thoughts about their appearance last week.

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