Now that it is officially Fall and Halloween is right around the corner, have you ever wondered how you would make out in a horror movie. Turns out your sign may be a good way to predict your outcome.I've always thought that I could handle myself well in a horror movie type situation. My fighting instinct is pretty on point when it needs to be. Which is also why I believe I could survive for a little in a zombie apocalypse - ya know, until I had an asthma attack and I can't plug in my nebulizer for some easy, lung comfort.

According to the article from Thought Catalog, your astrological sign has a lot to do with your survival rate.

If you're a Cancer, like me, here's what your survival rate would be:


(June 22nd to July 22nd)

Sweet, sweet Cancer might survive if they surround themselves with one or two stronger friends, but if they’re on their own — lol, no. Cancers are lovers, not fighters, they’ll be murdered doing something cool like going for a midnight swim (water sign yo) or making love to their honey.

To see the others signs, visit Thought Catalog HERE.

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