If you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine (but it might just give away my age!)

OK.  Here' the deal.  I used to work for my mother and father.  They owned their own "mom and pop" store on Long Island.  Minimum wage then?  $1.25/hour (and they never paid me overtime)   I kid you not.  It was in the late '60's.   What was yours?

Envelope And Money
Bro.Lou Roberts Collection

I ask that because, according to the SILive.com, Governor Coumo in his State of the State address has proposed that the minimum wage be raised to $10.50/hour.

So does that mean we are that much farther ahead?  Probably not.  I bet you the cost of living went up 10 times just like the proposed wage, but it sure sounds good.

But back to the question - what was YOURS?  Would love to know….


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