These stories flip me out on a lot of levels. There have been many, many cases of items stuck in noses, ears and stomachs. This is one of the more bizarre cases.

According to, a gentleman was having some pretty bad headaches for several years.  Well, actually over 40 years to be exact.  He had been to doctors and I guess they might have missed something rather obvious.

I'm not exactly sure WHY or HOW this was missed. Maybe he never went for x-rays. Regardless, the guy started to sneeze one day recently, and Steve Easton discovered the source of his nasal discomfort.

It was the suction cup missing from one of his toy darts from when he was 7 years old!

This made me run to YouTube to see if they had any video on the subject. I didn't find anything about his particular case, but I did find THIS…

There are many more videos of little kids with all kinds of items caught up there, but I didn't want to harp on the subject too long. Some of it is really disgusting.

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