Have you noticed the traffic in this area lately?  I see it growing worse each week.  I come home sometimes, and I'm stressed out.  Aren't you?  Well, here's a way to relieve stress, and it just might be what the doctor ordered- 

We all know that stress can cause many diseases to grow and prosper.  We all need to relax more.  I guess one of the best releases of tension seems to come from the two million cat videos that the world has gawking at.  According to a new study from Indiana University, they figured that there have been 26 BILLION views of feline fiascos online.

It's not rocket science.  People like "brainless content" after a hard day's work.  I definitely do.  Just give me something to laugh at and not have to think too hard, and I'm a happy guy.  Supposedly it boosts energy and increases your positivity.  Nice!

You can read more about the study at EurekAlert.com.  But in the meantime, I thought I'd help boost your energy level and make you smile with this random compilation video that I found (this got 46 million views alone!)

So get happy, Capital Region - watch a cat video today!







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