Is there a place that you tend to always break out?  No matter what product you use on your skin, those pesky little suckers still pop up?  For me it's my jawline!  I can't go more than a week without a stupid zip on my jawline!

Well, according to a new article, there could be a deeper reason for your zits!

Here are four parts of your face, and what it says about your health if you breakout there -

1.  Your forehead.  It might mean you're eating too much fat and processed foods.  It's also associated with digestive issues and irregular sleep patterns.

2.  Your cheeks.  If you get breakouts there, you're more likely to have allergies, respiratory issues, and a diet that's too high in dairy.

3.  Around your mouth and chin.  It means you might have a hormonal imbalance, or kidney issues because you're not drinking enough water.



4.  Around your nose.  Acne there is associated with a poor diet, indigestion, bloating, and poor circulation.


I'm gonna self-diagnose myself with #3 and go grab another glass of water!

woman applying lotion to her face
Dejan Ristovski

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