It's time, folks to finally talk about a piece of technology that so many of us have, but don't know enough about - the dreaded cable remote.  That was part of today's Tech Talk Segment on the Sean and Richie Show. Cable Remote

How many of you don't understand how to use that thing completely?  I'm one of them.  For example, you know when you want to rewind and see something again on the Time Warner Cable DVR - how do you get it to stop closer to where you want it to?  I was told there is a way to adjust that - but I don't know where or how.

How do you get the darn thing to stop recording every single instance of a program?  For example, on our TV there are 4,568 episodes of Piers Morgan Tonite .  I love it, she hates it.  How do you just get it to record the current show

These are our problems.  What's yours?  Let me know in the comment section below.  I would be happy to call TWC and get answers for you  if you'd like and put it my next TechTalk article.  I may even use your techno dilemma on the air as well.

Just trying to help here, folks.  (Now how do I shut down this computer? It keeps hanging up on me... HELP! )