Good news for football fans with who watch their TV via Time Warner Cable. According to a report from, The Cable company has finally reached a deal with the NFL Network and their Red Zone channel.

Time Warner Cable became the sole company to holdout on carrying the network after Cablevision struck a deal just about a month ago. With that and the fact that the NFL Network started to carry more Thursday night games this season a deal certainly needed to be done.

No word on when this deal will become official, but it looks like the Network will be on the basic cable Tier and the Red Zone Channel will be available on the Sports Tier.


Update (9/21 5:26pm): Deal has been made official! The channel will start up this Sunday.

Melinda Witmer the  Executive Vice President  for Time Warner Cable had this to say about the deal:

“We’re delighted to have reached an agreement for NFL Network and NFL RedZone that provides a good value to our customers. The additional games this year and the proven appeal of NFL RedZone will certainly prove to be a draw for our customers.  We look forward to a long and productive relationship with the NFL.”

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