You seem to hear a lot of criticism lately about everything in general, and the good old cable company in specific.  Well, you won't hear any whining from me.  Not after yesterday!

Disclaimer:  This is NOT a commercial endorsement.  I'm not getting paid for this in any way.  But if they want to pay me, I'd be glad to blab about it every day!

Anyway,  for years we've had problems with our tv reception and internet in our house.  The guy who lived there had TV's in every room plus the kitchen, and rigged many of them up himself.  Also, our wireless never worked right.  We couldn't use Netflix (kept cutting out), and when I want to watch any Youtube clips from the blogs that my comrades put up on without them "buffering" ( you know how it stops and tries to catch up to the transmission).

So without really knowing much about it, I signed up for  Time Warner's Signature Service. And I don't know how this worked out, but it only added $2.00 a month to our bill!

To make a long story short, the guy was at the house from 1-7PM. And he was nothing like the guy on the left.  Very professional!  He ripped out every wire in the basement and updated all the equipment.   Get this - now you can record a show downstairs and watch it any place in the house, which is amazing in itself.  Plus if you have an Ipad you can watch TV on the darn thing -anyplace - even outside on the patio.  And you should see how fast the computer downloads stuff!

I won't blab on here, but I'm not kidding - if you are struggling with your system, and you are loaded with gadgets (kids with video systems and blabla) you owe it to yourself to check it out.

End of my non commercial commercial!  And now this word from our non-sponsored sponsor: