Today on the "Sean And Richie Show" we talked about a survey where men revealed who their "secret crushes" were on. We learned that there are at least three other women in their lives besides their girlfriend or wife that they desire.

flickr User, fitbox
flickr User, fitbox

As it turns out, according to this particular survey, the biggest attraction is to his wife or girlfriend's friends, 40% of men said this was the case. 25% said it was a co-worker , 20% are secretly attracted to one of their friend's wife or girlfriend, and 10% say the neighbor is their secret desire.

Our female listeners also added, (and I'd say most of the callers), the babysitter. As far as that goes I don't even know if it were in the poll. I trust you all though , especially our women listeners, they are pretty smart.

So one of our female listeners asked me why don't you do a poll but this time ask the women who their secret attraction is! OK, this should be fun.

Remember when you answer it is anonymous so you can be honest. The results will just be a percentage. So here goes:

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