Many people have the skills to avoid excessive anxiety and depression, but that is not the same skill has learning how to lead a happy and meaningful life.  What makes truly happy people different from everyone else?  And, if you think you are already a happy person, how many of the following personality traits describe you?

Happy People are Able to Forgive and Forget

If you hold a grudge whenever someone says something to you that isn't nice or when someone does something negative to you, it will prevent you from moving forward.  Happy people are able to truly forgive and forget others for the things they do and they don't dwell on it or harbor any negativity over it.

Happy People are Able to Bounce Back

When things don't go as planned, or there is some sort of a set back - happy people can bounce back and keep on going.  It's the ability to put a bad situation into context, happy people know their life is almost always good, but once in awhile there is a small hiccup that happens.

Happy People are Problem Solvers

People who spend most of their time complaining and venting about situations are just rehashing negativity over and over again.  Happy people, on the other hand, look for solutions and fix their problems.

Happy People Know There's More to Life Than Them

People who are genuinely happy feel like they are part of something bigger than just themselves.  They might be a member of a church, a community organization, or just feel a sense of being part of something larger than themselves.

Happy People Learn from their Anger

Everyone gets angry from time to time, even happy people.  Happy people don't bother trying to pretend they're not angry - instead, they think about why the particular moment or situation has made them angry and use the information to re-evaluate whatever is going on in their life that is causing the anger.  Then they solve the problem to avoid the anger.

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