This week, about 50% of American are pretty pissed off.  The other 50% are pissed off at the first 50%... bottom line, we all could use a little bit of happiness!

So, I found a blog that claims to contain 15 things one needs to do in order to be truly happy.

Unfortunately they're not easy and they're definitely not practical.  But, hey, maybe if you can do even one or two, it might help.

Sean and I counted how many of them we do right now... yikes!  I do 5 pretty consistently, he does.... um.... well, you should talk to him about that!!

1.  Give up the need to always be right about stuff.  It's okay to be wrong sometimes.

2.  Stop trying to control everything.  There are somethings you just can't control.

3.  Don't blame other people all the time.  Try to admit when something's your fault.

4.  Try not to dwell on self-defeating thoughts.

5.  Stop deciding things are impossible.

6.  Try not to complain too much.  I mean everyone complains a little, but put a lid on it!

7.  Don't be overly critical.

8.  Stop trying to impress everyone.  You won't be happy if you're constantly worried about what other people think.

9.  Stop trying to live up to other people's expectations.

10.  Stop resisting change.  Sometimes change is bad, but sometimes it's also inevitable. See: #2.

11.  Don't get too attached to things or ideas.

12.  Try not to put labels on stuff.

13.  Try to conquer your fears.  Or at least be mindful of WHY you're afraid, because sometimes it's all in your head.

14.  Stop making excuses.

15.  Stop worrying about the past. Be happy in this moment.

So, there you go!  Now you've got the 15 secrets to a happier life!  Or at least by reading them, we've distracted you from post election coverage long enough to make you forget how pissed you are.

Happy woman relaxing on mattress with head back in furniture store
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