This might be a little weird, but even though I've never been arrested, I have sometimes thought about what sort of face I should make in my mugshot, you know, should I ever do anything wrong, which I won't, because obviously I'm an angel.

I mean, I have the selfie face down, I know how to smile and kissy-pouty fish lips, and all the other things, but what face do you make in a mugshot? I guess it would depend on the crime.

A new study by Aizman Law ran more than 30,000 mugshots through an app that analyzes people's pictures to detect their emotions and it found the states where people have the HAPPIEST mugshots.

The top five are:

1.North Carolina




5.New York

Soooooo way to go New York!!

The five states with the saddest mugshots are:

1. West Virginia

2. Montana

3. Idaho

4. Utah

5. Oregon

The crime where people are most likely to take a happy mugshot is contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  The crime where people are most likely to take a sad mugshot is cruelty to animals.

There you have it!  We might not be the best at some things, but at least we rank in the top 5 when it comes to hot prison pics!

Humble Police Department
Humble Police Department

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