Ok.  Clue #1.  He's had 19 songs on the Billboard Hot Country charts.  Clue #2.  He's the only artist in our genre who's lead instrument is the piano.  Clue #3.  His idea of "Paradise" would be a "Six Pack Summer".  Is that enough?  Duhhh - It's Phil Vassar!

Yep. I've been wondering lately why noone around these parts has heard from piano playin' singer/songwriter Phil Vassar.  Well, a friend of mine happened to stumble upon this interesting piece of news.  His latest Christmas concert was streamed on the internet and got tremendous response, so perhaps that gave him the idea to now launch his own web series ..Phil Vassar's "Songs From The Cellar".  Not kidding. The setting is his actual basement in Nashville - complete with his extensive wine stash!  He plans to interview guest artists, jam with them and also feature a segment about wine and food pairings.

Hey, it worked well for Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates. (Ever see "Live From Daryl's House?- Great show!). This could turn out to be the country version!  Why not?
phil vassar
phil vassar
I hope he knocks it out of the park with this project.  Ok- I'll name drop here, but he was extremely nice to me on several occasions when we had him on the air and also at Countryfest a few years back.  He even let me play HIS PIANO on stage while he sang.  It remains one of my favorite memories of working here.
Message to Phil-- do you have any Merlot in stock?  If so, I'm there!!!
P.S. You can find more info about it on Phil's website.

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