On June 5, 2000, Phil Vassar released "Just Another Day in Paradise," his second single from his self-titled debut album. Co-written with Craig Wiseman, the song became Vassar's first No. 1 as an artist, and a Top 40 crossover hit.

Below, Vassar remembers the hectic morning that preceded his and Wiseman's writing session, and how an offhand comment turned into a hit song. Read on for the story behind "Just Another Day in Paradise," in his own words.

I just remember, it was such a fluke in how the day started.

I mean, me and Craig Wiseman wrote the song together, and we were just kinda griping, going back and forth about, you know, getting there. That morning had been a crazy morning at my house, and it had been a crazy morning at his house. So it's a song that almost never happened because we both almost didn't make it to the room to write it.

And then we just started laughing about, you know, "We get to write songs for a living. This is what we do. We're very blessed, and it's just another day in paradise."

That just kind of came out, and we said, "Oh, let's write that." So, we did.

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