We know that it isn't easy being cooped up with your family during the coronavirus outbreak. We want everyone in your family to have some fun. What are some of your family's favorite country songs? Which ones would make your family's Pent-Up Playlist?At WGNA, we know that it may not be all fun and games while you are working from home and homeschooling your kids. We want you to tell us four of your family's favorite country songs.

Your family's Pent-Up Playlist could be picked and featured at 9 a.m. during "Brian and Chrissy in the Morning." If your playlist is selected, we will give all of your family members a shout-out and play your favorite country songs or artists.

Just fill out the form, include a phone number and if we select your playlist, we will call you. You will be able to shout-out your whole family and even your pets. Then we will play your family's Pent-Up Playlist.

If your family is selected, we will play your favorite country tunes at 9 am. Plus we will chat with you and check-in with your family to see how you are all holding up.

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