The Capital Region for good or bad has a lot of very beautiful main streets, which one do you think is the best?

In a lot of cases it can almost be hard to pin a main street. Like in Troy for instance. Is theirs main street 5th and 6th Avenue from Lansingburgh down into South Troy? is it 4th Street? River Street and 2nd Avenue? I am going to leave Troy off the poll for the moment.

Or even Albany. Is it Central Ave, Washington Ave or Madison into Western? Some may even say Lark St. Again just because I cannot possibly pin one of those streets as a main street I am going to leave them off the poll as well.

The contenders are Ballston Spa's Milton Avenue. All the small businesses that are on both sides of the road make that look beautiful in my opinion. Saratoga Springs's Broadway, there cannot be a list like this without Broadway on it. Lake George's Canada Street, another street that can't not be on this list. Schenectady's State Street around Proctors. Waterford's Broad Street.

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