Is your favorite restaurant chain a top cuisine pick or a ptomaine tavern?  Some of the ones on the list might make you think twice...

New York Enacts Transfat Ban
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FYI - none of these are even close to being a ptomaine tavern, let's be clear.  I was just joking around.  But according to a site called Grellin, they accumulate nutritional data and use that t come up with their top 10 healthy restaurant chains. The ones around here worth noting are:


SUBWAY    #3

Brueggers  #4

Panera       #6

Panda Express #9 (there's one coming here on Troy Schenectady Road)

And the number one restaurant chain?  Au Bon Pain (there's one in the Empire State Plaza).  Ever been?

Cambridge, Massachusetts; Home to Harvard University
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Congrats to all these fine establishments! And to the rest?  Better up your game!  The competition is fierce around here.  What's YOUR favorite fast food place?

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