The most random thing happened today and I'm sitting here shocked and stunned.   I stumbled upon the Schalmont Central School District facebook page and they offered a brief, very simple explanation of how and why the school is called Schalmont. And it's not what I, or many of us thought.

For the life of me, I could have sworn it was a combo of the city of Schenectady and the village of Altamont that formed the word "Sch-almont".   Until this morning, I probably would have fought anyone who told me otherwise.  Turns out, most of us are wrong, and I'm glad to say I don't have multiple black eyes but I do have a bit of bruised ego.

The name Schalmont, according to the official school district website is a is actually a combination of the three counties the school serves.  Schenectady, Albany, and Montgomery counties. The "Sch" from Schenectady + "al" from Albany + "mont" from Montgomery = Schalmont.

Boooooom.  Is your mind blown yet?

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