Each state, somewhere within it has the weirdest thing you'll find in all of _____. The best is when you're getting ready for a road trip and learn where you need to stop along the way. This list should totally help with that.


Middletown, Connecticut - The Worlds Largest Jack-in-the-Box

Imagine this...a 600lb clown head, atop a 50 foot grain silo. Yeah, the clown head alone is enough to keep me away. But, if you like being creeped out then you can find this on your next roadtrip!

Rockport, Massachusetts - The Paper House

The story goes that in 1922, Ellis Stenman wanted to see if he could insulate his summer house with newspaper ...and then 100,000 newspapers later, he built the entire house out of them instead. I wouldn't suggest trying to heat it.

Warren, New Hampshire - Redstone Rocket

Simply put: It's a real life missile in a public park. It's one of America's first ballistic missiles and was installed in the park in 1971.

Margate City, New Jersey - Lucy the Elephant

She's the worlds largest fake elephant and to top it off she's also the only one in the country designated as a National Landmark - so there, other elephants! She's 6 stories tall and was built in 1881, she once served as the builders office, then a summer home, as well as a pub.

LeRoy, New York - The JELLO Museum

Everything Jello. All the Jello. Shirts, hats, paintings, history, it's all in LeRoy. Their old spokesman might not be welcome there though. I'm not sure.

Clearfield, Pennsylvania - The Worlds Largest Burger

My question is, do they keep re-making it, or is this the same old 10lb, 25 slices of cheese, 17-inch bunned burger that's been hanging around orrrrr....well, it turns out, if you order it and eat it under 3-hours, you get the $30 burger free of charge, so that answers THAT. Though, you may want to check with your doctor and see if your arteries can handle that.

Leicester, Vermont - Giant Gorilla

He's giant. He's a gorilla. He's holding a car and a kid hasn't fallen in his cage (too soon?) He's not real, so it's all good and he's hanging at Pioneer Auto Sales, so who know, you might want to trade in your vehicle for a gorilla.


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