Its always heartwarming to hear a story like this. It is one thing for an adult to do it, and its still great. Hearing of a fifth grader doing it is so amazing.

This was their final go at a lemonade stand for the summer season in an effort to raise money to go to a local hospice. A few kids took part and were doing it remembrance of one of their great grandmothers who passed away about a year and a half ago. The kids are very understanding of what hospice meant in the final portion of her life.

“Without hospice, she would have been in a nursing home, and probably wouldn’t have lived for as long as she did,” lemonade stand organizer Crystal Staccio said. - NEWS 10

These kids are doing an amazing thing for a very awesome cause and myself experiencing a loved one dying no matter how you cut it is hard. Hospice was involved in that portion of my loved ones life as well and that makes me elated that these kids are doing this because it is such a noble thing to do.

There isn't word on exactly how much was raised but indeed they surpassed their goal which was set at $100. More info from News 10 is in the link below.

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