What's Going on In Saratoga Springs?

It's hard to determine what the woman in the video is trying to do here.  Was it just a joke, or is there some sort of deeper meaning here? Either way, we're baffled.

The incident happened on Tuesday night at the Saratoga Springs City Council meeting and was shared Thursday morning on the Facebook page of WRGB, CBS 6.

City council meetings allow residents to air their ideas or issues. The public city council must allow the public to participate in meetings as provided by law and may use up to three minutes to voice their concerns.

I don't have the mental capacity - or the patience - to figure any of it out, all I know is that (at the VERY least) it's quite bizarre.

Patience Childbirth

Oh, and speaking of "patience", the woman in the video refers to her as "Patience Childbirth" and then bows before addressing the members of the Saratoga Springs City Council as "Your Lord" and "Your Lordesses".

Patience tells the public council that, "She lives in one of the stables in Saratoga, owned by the King, who imprisons his daughters...Google it."

Dressed in a red handmaid costume, Childbirth would go on to say that "the king" invested 60 million dollars into Saratoga, and that because she's a woman, she's not allowed to own land.

Chuckles in the Crowd

There were a few chuckles in the crowd, and even Childbirth herself broke out a little laugh as she carried on with her speech.

At one point, the man running the meeting heard enough and made a subtle attempt to move on to the next speaker.  But Childbirth stopped him mid-sentence to let him know that she still had a few more seconds left of her allotted 3-minute limit.

Then she went into a diatribe about Stewart's "Civility" Ice Cream.

See the Peculiar Video from WRGB Here

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