I Didn't Have The Heart To Tell My Friend What His Wife Did
A few days after Christmas, I ran into a good buddy of mine I hadn't seen in a month or two.  We caught up about life, work, the holidays; the usual stuff.  Then it happened. Beaming with pride, he showed me the gift his wife of two years purchased him for  Christmas. After I examined the gift, I no…
My Nana Gave Me the Best Gift This Christmas [PHOTO]
Family is the most important thing to me.
I can remember growing up and while I was an only child, I was always surrounded by cousins, aunts, uncles and especially my grandparents.
By the time I was 8-years old, I had lost both of my Dads
Here’s What to Gift Someone You Don’t Like This Christmas
I know, I know, it's the Holiday season, and you should love everyone.  And, that's all well and good, but even if you love everyone, you can't possibly like everyone.  Sometimes you have to give gifts to people you don't really like.
A new survey found the top 10 presen…
Let’s Fix Mother’s Day! [Watch]
Maybe the most stressful day of the year... Mother's Day. Women are not honest with their families about what they really want, and forgive me, but families half-ass this holiday.
My buddy @KateofNY made a funny video that I'm sure mom's will enjoy...
Here’s What Your Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day
I love my mom so much, so I get a little anxiety when I am trying to decide what to get her for Mother's Day!  What gift will represent the 30 years she has spent loving me?
Well, a new survey asked moms what they actually WANT for Mother's Day this year...