If you’re looking to buying some property, maybe trying to start your very own little property empire, then Schenectady may be the place to start.

972 Albany Street - Schenectady / Google Street View

There’s a program called ‘HOMES' (Home Ownership Made Easy in Schenectady) that is promoting a way for people to own a home in the electric city, a lot of them at affordable prices.

According to Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy, “promoting home ownership is a critical part of continuing the quality of life in our city”. There’s been plenty of changes in the downtown area. Just take a ride on State Street, in the Proctor’s Theater area.

Many of the properties need work, but once they’re rehabbed, they could end up being something very nice, and increase in value. An article in The Times Union has more information and also has a list of some of the properties that have been sold, and how much they sold for.

Who knows, maybe you could get featured on one those tv shows like Rehab Addict, Fixer Upper or My First Renovation.