Technology has made it easy to be the coolest dad on the planet. And this dad could probably make it look like you've flown in a spaceship to another planet and then show said planet. I know when I was growing up, while sure there were video cameras my parents couldn't actually afford one. We had to rely on my Aunt and Uncle to capture some cute moments and pray they didn't erase them, cause, I mean, I was a cute kid. And not to knock my own Dad because he's a cool Dad who is a big part of the reason I'm so musically influenced. It's just hard to try to be THIS Dad, who has turned his kid into a YouTube action star. These graphics and edits are absolutely amazing, which means this Dad is most likely working in some sort of special effects department somewhere. Watch this and try to say this Dad isn't the coolest. Oh and maybe this'll get your creativity flowing on stuff to do with your own kids :)

This is also one of my favorites because: NINJA TURTLES!