This isn't Sponge Bob Square Pants, right? Like, this is real life?

I feel like I need to check because this is the weirdest, yet coolest thing I think I've ever seen.

A Cape Code fisherman couldn't believe his eyes earlier this week when he pulled up his catch to find a 2-pound sapphire in color lobster! The chances of this occurring are about 1 in 2 million - so, what makes this crazier? This is the second time that Wayne Nickerson has caught one in his 35 years as a fisherman in Plymouth!!!

His wife Jan said his excitement was very apparent, "He let out an exclamation of excitement. He was very clear about how excited he was."

Jan shared the original photo of the blue lobster on her Facebook page Monday, which has been shared over 2,000 times and had the caption, "The lobster went into a nice cool tank so he wouldn't die He is fine...healthy and happy."

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