With all the snow that amassed throughout the Capital Region and well into neighboring states like Massachusetts and Vermont, there was a lot of money to be made by owning a plow, snowblower or shovel and a little bit of free time.   Certainly, kids looking to make a quick buck or two would have tremendous success if they got out there and hustled a bit.  Well, one 14-year-old in the Town of Pownal, Vt. did just that and did it on multiple occasions. Except, this juvenile wasn't given $20 or $50 for the service, they were paid in marijuana, and the people responsible were charged once it was learned that the individual had a negative reaction once they smoked it.

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According to CBS 6 News, the two Pownal, Vt. residents responsible for paying the youngster in cannabis instead of cash, were Cory Saddlemire, 40, and Annette Mayer, 61.  According to the report, each were charged when it was learned that on separate occasions they bartered for the driveway shoveling services by by giving the kid weed.

The Vermont State Police became hip to the dopey residents when according to CBS 6 News, the "14-year-old had an adverse reaction after smoking marijuana." The teen, being a minor, has not been identified.

According to the Bennington Banner, the incidents happened on Wednesday and Sunday, state police said.

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