A few years ago I spotted a moose.  I was vacationing in Yellowstone National Park and decided to spring a few dollars to take a guided tour.

Albeit a spectacular sight, I was probably a few hundred yards away, and that's probably as close as I'll ever get.

Unicorns of the ADKS

According to wildlife experts much closer to home, moose are considered the unicorns of the Adirondacks, for they are "awe-inspiring and highly sought after, but rarely seen."

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation estimates that there are anywhere from approximately 400-700 moose living in the Adirondacks. So it goes without saying that sightings are rare, but not impossible if you know where to look.

Have You Ever Spotted a Moose in New York?

A few months ago, when a moose went for a swim across 4th Lake in Old Forge, NY, a man from Woodgate, NY was lucky enough to catch it on video - and the Moose Dip went viral. 

Hunter Comes Face-to-Face with 3 Bull Moose

Back in November, a photo went "ADK viral" after an extremely rare moose sighting in Onchiota, NY which is about 2 and a half hours northwest of Albany.

The man who snapped the photo we dubbed "Menage a Moose" wanted to remain anonymous, and all we know is that he was hunting when he spotted them.  The pic went viral after it was posted to Facebook by a local Cafe in the ADKS.

But check out what he saw below; 3 big, beautiful, ADK bull moose staring him down from what looked like about 50 - 75 yards away. I'd be equal parts excited / looking for a new pair of undies.

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"Menage a Moose" 3 big, beautiful bull moose in an ADK forest Photo: Facebook

Warren County Moose

The most recent moose encounter happened much closer to the immediate Capital Region.

Moose spotted in the Adirondacks, Picture of ADK Moose, Upstate NY News, 518news, 518news
Photo of a young bull moose, meandering in the back parking lot of a restaurant in the heart of the ADKS!     Photo: Lake Luzerne Area NY Fanpage Facebook


A Facebook post by wildlife enthusiasts from the Lake Luzerne area shows a video of what appears to be a young bull moose meandering in the back of Ciro's restaurant, in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, approximately 4 miles south of Lake George.



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