Kylie Biscutti is a Victoria's Secret lingerie model- actually, "was" is more accurate, because she just left all that behind because it was in conflict with her growing Christian beliefs.

In an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America", Kylie cites religion, commitment to her husband and being a better role model as her reasons for leaving the company. I am all for people doing whatever they want with their lives and making their own choices. Also, I would never, in any way, want to mock anyone's religious beliefs or their commitment to them. I do, however, have a slight problem with this story.

I should be clear, I do not have a problem with her choice, I do not have a problem with the content of her message per se. What I do have a problem with is that she feels she has a right to now disparage the industry and company that made her rich and famous. If you want to leave, that's fine, but do you need to go on national TV and infer that Victoria's Secret models are somehow un-Christian?

I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that in the Garden of Eden both Adam and Eve were perfectly fine with each other's bodies until the Serpent came along and ruined it. I myself have always seen the human body, especially the female version, to be God's most beautiful work of art. I'm not sure teaching people that they have to be ashamed of their bodies, whether they consider them to be ugly or beautiful is a good thing. They are all beautiful and they are all God's work. I am also pretty sure that Victoria Secret Models do not ever get nude and are usually wearing as much as if not more than what women wear on the beach.

She also says that it bothered her when a younger female family member came to her and said she didn't want to eat so she could look as beautiful as her. I can see why that would alarm Kylie but she also says that she will still to continue to model? Is the fact that she will have slightly more clothes on going to stop her family member from noticing how skinny or beautiful she is? Will this make her to NOT want to emulate her? I'm just not so sure.

Now that you have come to the realization that God is great and should be celebrated by covering your body from all but your husband, will you also be removing any "enhancements" made by man that may have altered what God had originally intended for your body?

I love your commitment, I love your devotion to YOUR faith and your husband. I would simply have liked you to have given them your resignation and went along your merry way without trying to tell everyone else how they should see the light that you have now seen. As you said in your interview, you are so grateful to your husband for being supportive and letting you come to these conclusions on your own, in your own time. Perhaps we all deserve the same.

This is just my opinion at first glance, it may change and yours may differ, I respect that you have that right. Here is the interview from "Good Morning America" , you can watch and react as you see fit. And please leave your comments, good and bad at the bottom of this page, we all benefit from open discourse.

God Bless.