I was raised by a single mother and even though I'm an only child, it was rough. I'm sure if it was around when I was growing up, this is something my Mom would've really appreciated!

I saw this on Good Morning America, the private Facebook group is called Surviving Single Parenthood and currently up to over 106,000 members. The point of the group is to connect single parents from all over the country, giving them a safe place to talk. They make it very clear that it's not a dating site, it's just about the kids.

Ronald Hall, a single father, created the event and still vets every member to make sure that they're actually a single parent joining the group. They say that along with the community and support, they also have a Secret Santa program to help single parents who may have problems affording presents for their children.

As I mentioned, I was raised by a single mother who did everything she could to balance taking care of me, working, and some time for herself. My Mom did a great job but even with just one kid, I could tell it wasn't easy. I think this is a great place for single parents to unite and help each other out.

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