i started writing these little year end summary songs my very first year in radio (1988).  They take a long time to put together, trust me.  I want to cram in as much as I can into a 2 minute ditty.  And this year I'm going to perform it LIVE (gulp)

I've almost always used the same tune through the years - "When Johnny Comes Marching Home". And I've always used the same alternative title - "Time Is Marching On".   Don't even try to ask me why, but it's become a personal tradition.

Here's an example from 1997, just to give you an idea.  See if you remember some of these events.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

What makes this year's very exciting is that I am going to use two of the top Country hits of the year in a "medley" form.

I going attempt to perform it live on New Year's Eve at an event my colleague and good buddy, award winning radio personality Kevin Richards and I have put together called Kevin and Richie's Rockin' Country New Years Eve Party at the Albany Marriott.   Would LOVE to see you there as we count down the big events and welcome the new ones!


from KevinRichards.com

Oh, and if you have any ideas for events to put into the song, I welcome your help, although there is certainly no lack of possibilities!