Rumor has it, Verizon is set to announce today they, too, will be offering the Apple iPhone to their customers.  For as long as the iPhone models have been on the market, AT&T has held exclusive rights to cellular service for the iPhone.  However, if Verizon begins carrying the iPhone, more customers could end up as iPhone users.

I recently picked up a new smartphone after having the same one for the last two-years.  Giving up my old phone was a very hard decision.  We went through a lot together: many fun nights, numerous pictures of memories & friends, and who could count all the phone calls and text messages.  It's like loosing a piece of you.  Once again, though, I got a new phone.  This time -- a touchscreen.  I banished my "old" phone away in a drawer and sat down to acclimate myself with my new acquaintance.

When you make the decision, that leap into the future, its nice to have options, especially when it comes to your cellular service.  Everyone wants something different out of their cell phone.  No one uses them just for phone calls anymore.  Maybe you take a lot of pictures or send a lot of texts.  Or maybe you need to be in touch with your office even when you're out of the office.  Regardless, you need a phone that's right for you and your needs.

Verizon is set to make their big announcement today, 11am Eastern time, in New York at the Lincoln Center.  If this is in fact the announcement they plan to make, like many suspect they will, the iPhone could top the sales chart again.  Many tech analysts say the move could push the iPhone back to the number-one position.  "Google's popular Android phone beat Apple's iPhone in sales during the second half of 2010 (Jessica D'Amico, Metrosource)."