Upstate New York's Ian Flanigan makes his return to the stage as a top 16 finalist on NBC's The Voice (8pm) tonight hoping to get one step closer to being crowned season 19 champion.   The Saugerties native has made quite an impact on viewers since his audition back on October 19th when he became a member of Team Blake.  That night, Shelton told the 30-year-old with the gravelly voice and rich tones that he was something quite extraordinary.

“Ian (Flanigan) is a once in a lifetime vocalist” -Blake Shelton, The Voice

"Where is your giant beard...your hat, your giant beer gut, all the stuff that goes along with that voice you have?" Shelton joked.  “I got my first artists and I’m feeling a lot better about season 19 now,” Shelton said, adding, “Ian is a once in a lifetime vocalist.”

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That was back on October 19th.  The competition over the last month or so has ramped up on The Voice and Flanigan has risen to the occasion.  While winning competitive battles against other 'Team Blake' contestants, his brilliant renditions of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Have You Ever See the Rain" and Luke Combs' "Beautiful Crazy" has made him a force.

While his tremendous singing ability has made people think he has a legit shot of winning the show, it was something he said, not sang that got the most attention.

During a produced piece before he performed a week ago, Ian Flanigan talked about how back in the day, the bars and clubs he played at would literally pay him in alcohol.  What he wasn't receiving in cash, he was paying for in the form of the poison that would result in what he calls "rock bottom."

Talking to Brian and Chrissy on the GNA Morning Show, Flanigan talked openly and honestly about his trials and tribulations as a struggling artist and how he credits his fiancé and daughter for basically saving his life and his career.  To be frank, Flanigan's rise on The Voice is even more remarkable considering the depths that he had sunken to.

Check out the audio from 107.7 GNA w/ Brian and Chrissy in the Morning.


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