I think skunks are adorable.  On the rare occasional I see one waddling through the parking lot here at the GNA studio, I want to run out and get a closer look.  Chrissy has reminded me in the past that despite my love for wildlife, skunks aren't to be messed around with.  As much as I've always wanted to snuggle or cuddle one, even a fool like me knows better.  How many animals have the ability to literally ruin your life without as much as leaving a scratch on you?  One.  The skunk.  It seems as though these days, they're somewhat unavoidable.  Curious as the reason why I've been seeing (and smelling) them with much more frequency, I turned to the NYS DEC for the stinkin' truth. Here's how they explain why people in our area may have seen an influx of skunks lately.

According to the NYS DEC, "Our human Valentine's Day just happens to coincide with prime skunk mating season."  According to the DEC, skunk is in the air is much more prominent in the middle of February and early March because they don't hibernate and the  "males are particularly likely to be active aboveground, even during cold weather, especially during the breeding season."

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Pretty ironic that a skunks mating season is roughly around the same time that we have our Valentine's Day. If you thought you had a stinky Valentine's weekend, try being a skunk.  While some of us might not have the best luck finding love, at least we don't become roadkill looking for it.

So pay a little closer attention and be on the lookout for those furry, waddly, black and white critters that you smell before you see.  They're out and about more than ever this time of year, and they're just looking to get a little lucky.

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