I wrote a post yesterday about the changes to Saratoga Performing Arts Center and their security. I came across a line that sounded like SPAC would be closing its doors for the season. Well, I heard back, let me explain.

As I mentioned before, Saratoga Performing Arts Center recently announced a new partnership with New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation which resulted in some new security changes to the concert season.

I cited the Troy Record where they said: "The venue entrances at Route 50 and the Hall of Springs will also be closed from May 11 through Oct. 5 to improve the security of the facility." I read that and knowing all of the concerts coming this season, I was really confused.

Well, let me explain. I called SPAC for some clarification and they were so kind to set straight my confusion. The grounds of SPAC are usually open for more than just concerts. Sometimes people like to bring their dogs through or use the amphitheater for workouts, that will no longer be allowed. From now on, the gates will only be open for concerts and other official SPAC events.

No worries, SPAC isn't closing. You can enter through the gates you're used to. Security may be increased this year but all of the amazing concerts you have tickets to are still coming. See you this summer!

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