Proud. Resilient. Tough. No Nonsense.   Just a few of the words used to described the city of Cohoes over the years. After spending some time with a few of it's residents this morning at our WGNA 'Rebuild Cohoes' broadcast, I've never felt better about a city and it's ability to rise after the horrific fire.  I'd like to share a few moments with you.

  • As busy as he was, Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse showed up bright and early to address the state of the city he so proudly serves.  Shawn is a tireless worker who has spent most of his adult life serving Cohoes as a firefighter and now Mayor. Shawn was honest and revealing, sharing with us how his brain toggled back and forth between "firefighter" and "mayor" mode. He spoke about the arsonist responsible for starting the inferno and offered compassion for him.  It's easy to let emotions get the best of you in a time like this. Morse didn't. He was composed, energetic, postive and reassuring.  He still believes the best is yet to come for the city he calls home. We believe him.
  • A super sweet woman named Carol who grew up in Cohoes and now works in the city told us she drove over to witness the  fire Thursday evening.  She was in her car as the city went up in flames.  Heartbroken, she told us "I sat in my car, watching it happen and just cried."
  • A gruff, no nonsense father proudly wearing a Cohoes Little League hoodie dropped by this morning.  He brought along his 7, mayber 8 year old son.  He and his boy gently placed some money into our donation bucket.  They both walked out without saying much of anything.  It was a teachimg moment for this proud dad as if to say "Son, this is what we do here."
  • A truck driver in is 50's makes a drive every day starting up by Saratoga and through Cohoes on his way to Rensellaer each morning.  He woke up extra early so he could make a pit stop to see us and make a donation.  He's not from Cohoes, but he understands their people and their way.  Hard work and honesty.
  • Kevin is a father of 2 girls who proudly works at CCHS.  Kevin stopped by to add to our donation bucket with cash the school made by having a fundraiser over the weekend.  The money was intended to go for other things the students needed, but they made an exception after hearing about the horrific fire that took place. Money rolled up in his hand like he was tipping an usher at a ballgame, Kevin was beaming with Capital Region pride as he handed us the hard earned cash.
  • A Cohoes firefighter who bravely helped put out the fire named Tommy stopped in as well.  I would say he was no more than 35 years old.  I only knew he was a firefighter because a friend of mine pointed him out.  While he was in line for coffee, I sheepishly wandered over to him to say "thank you."  He seemed surprised, wondering how I knew who he was.  I politely asked him if he wanted to join us on the radio to talk about the fundraiser.  "Oh, no thank you.  I'm not good at these types of things" he said.  "I think I'll pass".  I should have known better, that wasn't  why he came.    Tommy IS Cohoes.  They ALL are Cohoes.   Proud.  Tough.  Resilient.  No Nonsense.       #CohoesStrong


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