A week ago, I was home and technically on "vacation." The downfall was, I was still super sick with bronchitis and really couldn't do a whole heck of a lot. That's when I got myself back in bed, turned on AMC and "Titanic" came on. I'm a sucker for Leo. I always have been.

If I wasn't so sick I 1) wouldn't have even put the tv on to start with but 2) I definitely wouldn't have watched Titanic, of all things WITH commercials - do you have any idea how long that made the movie?! Yikes.

But, alas, I watched. It is one of my favorites. I find myself drawn to movies and television shows like it because of the true reality of it. I watch a lot of crime shows, I watch things like Bates Motel because here are actually people in the world like that and it amazes me. I watch The Walking Dead because who the heck knows what the next wave of something like "swine flu" could cause if we can't create a vaccine quick enough. It all gets my mind swirling.

'Titanic' - Leonardo Dicaprio
20th Century Fox/Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Titanic does something similar. I wonder what the real people on that boat may have been thinking and feeling as the events played out. While the Jack and Rose relationship is fictional, were there two on the ship that met and started to fall for each other? Did anyone sleep right through it all? How did those that ended up in the lifeboats feel as they watched the others left behind?

Now it turns out in 2018 we will have the opportunity to tour the Titanic.

Yes, I know, "Marissa, it's under water." I'm well aware, thank you. But it's really happening. Blue Marvel Private, a London based company is booking under water tours that'll span across 3-days and allow the explorer to enjoy 3-hours under water to view the wreckage in all of its slimy glory.

The catch? It's going to cost you roughly $105k...per person. According to this article I was reading, they say it's the inflated price of what a ticket on the actual Titanic would cost today - I find that so hard to believe! How did anyone afford that ticket?!

Amazingly enough, people are affording the $105k ticket because the first batch of openings went quick to enjoy the tour.

Would you want to check this out? Is there a piece of history that you're fascinated by?

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