We recently discussed the pros and cons of real tree versus fake tree.  While I personally loved having a real tree in my house, you can't beat the ease and convenience of their fake counterparts, and that's what I use now. Overall, I feel like it's probably a 50/50 split in terms of what people's personal preference is. If you were one of the many undecided, and haven't make your decision yet, you may want to take a listen to this phone call from a woman who called into the GNA morning show this week and relayed her 'real tree' horror story with us.  

Wait, what?  First sap, then spider mites?  No thanks.  According to wikipedia, spider mites are really tiny and their color varies. They 'lay small, spherical, initially transparent eggs and many species spin silk webbing to help protect the colony from predators'.

This poor woman and her family had this happen four days before Christmas, and were clearly left scrambling.






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