It seems as soon as there was potential for Uber and Lyft to be in the Capital Region, people couldn't stop talking about it, it was the only thing that would make the 518 perfect. Now, we're not going to have to wait as long as expected.

The original proposal allowed the start of ride-sharing businesses like Uber and Lyft to begin on July 9th. According to WNYT, the businesses were exclusive to New York City until lawmakers allowed for the expansion to Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester and Albany. The problem with this original law is that ride-sharing wouldn't be able to start officially until after the Fourth of July holiday, when most people would want to utilize it.

New legislation has changed that and will potentially allow ride-sharing to begin 10 days earlier on June 29th. Supporters of this change argue that it would allow for safer transportation during one of the busiest holidays of the Summer.

If this is possible, it only seems smart in my opinion to have this available for Fourth of July. They're already missing out on the opportunity of Memorial Day weekend, it seems like the best decision to at least cover the Fourth of July. I think it would be in the Capital Region's best interest for this new update to pass.

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