Even without the return of athletics until at least the Spring, the University at Albany gave us something to be excited about with the reveal of an updated logo and mascot that looks freaking awesome. I never had an issue with previous "Damien the Dane"  it was a nice looking mascot but it wasn't the most intimidating of all Great Danes.  The  Dame on the new logo is totally bada** and intense-looking.  He's not just staring at you, he's staring right through you, into your soul contemplating ripping your head off.  (That's my assessment, by the way, not necessarily the opinion of anyone at AU).

Chrissy and I spoke to Mark Benson, the Director of Athletics at UA and he said the change to the logo was asked for and wanted by fans. "We did a ton of research on what people wanted", he told them. "They wanted sleek, powerful. stoic, regal more like a Great Dane."

They nailed it.

In a moment of levity, Brian and Chrissy discussed the different "feel" of the prior Dame mascot, affectionately referred to as "Scooby-Doo", versus the feel and look of the new Dame.  The older "Scooby-Doo" Dame would bring the competition cookies at halftime, while the new guy would pee in your Gatorade bucket if you're not looking.  Heck, even if he knew you were looking, who's gonna stop him?

Old UA Mascot


Check out the all-new Damien the Dame, it's straight fire.

Photo: U Albany Athletics

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