When you look up into the sky, do you just imagine stars and planets or do you actually think there's other lifeforms up there? A local professor and ex-NASA scientist is coming out and explaining what's known behind closed doors.

Kevin Knuth is a former NASA scientist and for World UFO Day he posted an article calling for the scientific community to look harder at the possibility of life on other planets and to further examine evidence of the possibility of UFOs on Earth. Currently a physics professor at University at Albany, he goes into detail about two specific occurrences when he personally experienced UFOs, according to Tech Times.

He also explained that there is evidence to support the theory of life on other planets and to open up a scientific investigation but many governments are hiding these facts from us. He estimates that there are as many as tens of thousands of "intelligent civilizations in our galaxy."

I haven't personally read his entire paper but it seems like if anyone were to know of the existence of other lifeforms in the universe, it's someone who's had first-hand experience with space or NASA. He said that the reason others don't talk about it is because the topic is "taboo" in the scientific universe and they're told "the topic is nonsense." I think it's unlikely that we're the only lifeforms in this galaxy but if I expect little green men to invade our planet anytime soon, I'm not too sure. Do you believe?

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