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Wildcats Teach UAlbany Some Big Stage Lessons
Nobody told Dwayne Killings that it would be easy taking over a Division I basketball program. Add in 9 new student-athletes to the program and an entirely new coaching staff, and the equation appears tougher in front of the rookie head coach. That's the way that the 40 year old head coach appears to like it.
Albany Fans Came Out in Force to Support New Hoops Coach
Tuesday night, a new era of UAlbany men's basketball began. Dwayne Killings was named the Great Danes head coach in March. He was replacing 20 year head coach in Will Brown, who posted a 315-295 career record for the Danes with 5 trips to the NCAA tournament. When the university decided they wanted a fresh face at the helm of their men's basketball program, Athletic Director selected Killings, who was the associate head coach at Marquette University. The 40 year old from Amherst, Massachusetts packed up his family and headed to Western Ave. and the SEFCU Arena.
College Hoops Season Begins for Siena & UAlbany…and Fans
One coach will take the sidelines for the very first time in the lead chair. The other looks to secure an allusive MAAC Championship that has been snagged from his team's grips the past two seasons. Fans will eagerly return to their seats that have collected dust since March of 2020. Tuesday night, empty basketball venues will be a thing of the past for the Capital Region's two Division I basketball programs.
AE Poll Misses UAlbany Hoops Mentality
Ok, maybe I don't like polls very much, especially when they are mid-major Division I polls. There are always so many variables. First, they are done by coaches, who are not always the most objective folks when it comes to other programs or coaches. Now throw in the new "Pandemic" rosters, featuring 6th year grad students and the "wild west" in recruiting created by the NCAA transfer portal, well, fans could be in for some of the best basketball we have seen in these conferences, maybe ever.
UAlbany Honors ‘Hometown Heroes’ Saturday in Opener
The UAlbany Great Danes began their season by visiting national powerhouse No. 4 North Dakota State University last Saturday. The Danes fell 28-6, but showed some awesome signs of potential this season against a team that has won 8 of the last 10 FCS National Championships, including finishing the first half with more total yards. UAlbany Head Coach Gattuso joined The Drive with Charlie & Dan on Tuesday and pointed out a lot of positives for the Great Danes on both sides of the ball.
Update on Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons Field House [PHOTO]
They say that your time in high school is considered to be some of the best years of your life and I was lucky enough to spend mine at Notre Dame- Bishop Gibbons in Schenectady (Class of 2006). I was crushed to find out that someone came to my school and set the field house on fire but luckily they're moving forward.
More Cases of Mumps at Local College
Hearing that people have the mumps kind of sounds like people have smallpox or the plague. Most people get vaccinated for MMR before entering school but for some reason, vaccinations or not, there's a mini epidemic locally.
Mumps Outbreak at Local College [VIDEO]
I remember before going to school we had to get our vaccines, the MMR was the first one that comes to mind. We weren't even allowed into school, if I remember correctly, if we couldn't prove we were vaccinated for Measles, Mumps, & Rubella. Seems as if 3 students at UAlbany didn't keep their vaccines up to date.

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