As welcome all the promise and joy of the warm weather, it is also time to be on the lookout for ticks.

Just the mere thought of a tick is probably enough to creep you. The thought of that little creepy crawly creature jumping on you and latching on to feed on you, well, it is not a pleasant thought.  Add into that the potential to catch something like Lyme disease or another illness and it will just make your stomach churn.

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As we get into the heart of spring and we really start enjoying the great outdoors, now is the time to not only be actively protecting yourself and checking for ticks but also be aware of the possible infections they carry if perchance you miss one and they latch on.

I am sure you are well aware of Lyme disease and its symptoms, but there are some other infections you should have on your radar if you are an active outdoors enthusiast or just spending time in your yard.

What Two Rare Tick Infections Are on the Rise?

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According to a story from New York Upstate (NYUP), 2 diseases have seen an increase in Upstate New York. One is called anaplasmosis, which is a bacterial infection and the second is a malaria-like parasite called babesia.  Both infections are spread by deer ticks and  can be fatal, but are treatable if detected in the early.

Health officials tell NYUP in the past there were pretty rare infections that have recently become more widespread. For example, one health official said they would usually only see a few cases of anapasmosis in a typical year, but saw dozens last year.

With both diseases, NYUP says symptoms are similar to Lyme disease including "...high fevers and aches; (but) unlike Lyme, they bring no tell-tale bulls-eye rash."

Just like Lyme, the best cure for any of these is prevention. Take the proper precautions to keep ticks away: wear repellent, protective clothing and always check for ticks after spending time outdoors!

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