Every region of the country has underrated restaurants. Whether it be a breakfast spot or a dive bar with kicking food we all know one. Here are the two best in the Capital Region.

Only In Your State did an article ranking the top 13 underrated restaurants in the state. Obviously ranking restaurants can be very difficult. If it were me of course I would be bias towards the joints in the Capital Region. Also, to define underrated. Does that mean ones that look like a dump outside and in but actually are amazing? Anyway, here are the two in the area who made the list.

Poopie's Di Manno's in Glens Falls. Has anyone been here? This one I haven't heard of but then again I don't spend that much time in Glens Falls. Yelp touts that it has really amazing breakfast and awesome burgers too boot. Is it underrated because it has Poopie's in the name?

Bobs Diner in Watervliet. This place I have been. Once or twice and both times it was amazing. It has the mom and pop charm that many look for. Isn't the prettiest from the outside and sits right next to train tracks but still has amazing food.

View the full list at the link below, what is the most underrated restaurant in the Capital Region?

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