There are just so many reasons to love Chris Lane, so where do I start?

He's got an amazing voice.

He's dreamy.

His song "Fix" recently hit number one.

He posts amazing things on his social media accounts like this:

And pictures of him relaxing as a puppy:

But seriously...what's even better is who recently came out as a fan in Hollywood. One of my favorite guys from one of my favorite show and he maybe was mentioned in Chris' first hit...

SO COOL! I'm fan girling pretty hard over here, guys! Give me a few moments while I clean up this puddle of drool and allow my squealing of excitement to calm down.

*a few moments go by*

Okay, phew...Now that that's all sunk in. I wonder if they'll ever do a Breaking Bad movie? Would they use Chris in it? Could he be a friend of Pinkmans? He survived the end of the show, right? I mean - he wasn't exactly mentally "okay," but maybe Chris helped him cope with all of the crazy?

There's just so much to think about!!!

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