Through the shopping frustrations and home decorating issues, this does tend to be the happiest time of the year. I hate when people try to take that feeling away and the Troopers need your help to catch this Christmas Grinch.

Troopers are looking for a person who robbed a Rome, NY Christmas Tree Farm. Henderberg's Christmas Tree Farm in Oneida County is now short two colored Christmas trees after someone walked off with them, according to New York Upstate.

Henderberg used food dye to create a different kind of tree option with 7 different colors and two blue trees with one turquoise tree, worth $240 were stolen. If you have information on the stolen trees, they ask that you call 315-366-6000.

I wouldn't believe that someone could do this except it happened in front of me on Saturday. At Ellms Christmas Trees on Saturday, I was there with WGNA when a family came up to me and said their tree was stolen. The woman had the tag, the family picked out the tree, they went to get hot chocolate, came out and someone not only walked off with their tree but didn't even pay! I know it's naive to think that because it's Christmas, people are going to act differently but if there was ever a time to start, it'd be now, right?

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