"Oh, I'm so nervous," said my 84-year old Nana.

She has been known to pick the "American Idol" winners from the audition process alone for the past 10 years. This final season was no different. In fact, Trent Harmon was quickly dubbed her "boyfriend" of the season.

The history of Nana's Idol Picks is this: In 2007, I had moved back home and was starting my last job. Nana had been pretty sick and had just gotten out of the hospital, so I would call and check on her in the afternoon when I would get into the studio. One day we started chatting about the previous night's "American Idol." She began telling me who she thought was good, who wasn't so much and who she thought would get voted off. I hit record. I had to! I ended up playing Nana on the radio and people LOVED her!

Flash forward to almost 10 years later, I've now moved to country radio, Nana had one last season of Idol Picks (which we did at my Facebook page in video form) and the final "American Idol," Trent Harmon just so happened to be a Country Idol!

Today, Trent made his way to Schenectady to stop by the radio station for a special GNA Garage Session performance (we had your chance to win your way in.) He couldn't have been nicer when he got here and put on an amazing performance!

Before my Nana arrived, I told Trent a little about her and played back the video of her and I watching the final crowning moment when he became the Idol champion. He couldn't help but giggle a little bit.



Nana got to enjoy the performance and as soon as it was time to meet him, he actually came right up to her first. They had a brief conversation where she told him she picked him from the get go and she hopes that he goes "very far" in his career.

I have to believe that her day was made. What do you think?